Free Union & Confederate Soldier's Quilt Patterns

These quilts could have been made for a soldier or in memory of a soldier. In finer fabrics they could even have been made for a fair. As shown they measure approximately 56"x76" and are made up of 10" blocks. I used 3" borders. Of course you can make them larger by using more nine patches.

The simple nine patch was common for utilitarian quilts and in these quilts I used a basic unequal nine patch that is seen on many 19th century quilts.

A Patriotic Union Quilt

Union quilt Stars were among the earliest pieced patterns in America so they had been used on patriotic quilts long before the Civil War. In this quilt I used The Variable Star to symbolize the patriotism of Union quilters. Along with the red and blue bars this quilt represents the American flag. I was inspired to use this configuration for a quilt after viewing a Civil War quilt in the New England Quilt Museum.

The Bonnie Blue in a Confederate Quilt

Hurrah! Hurrah! For Southern rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

   by Harry Macarthy

Confederate quilt

When Mississippi seceded from the Union a blue flag with a single white star was raised over the capital building. One onlooker was so inspired he wrote the song, "The Bonnie Blue Flag", that became one of the most popular songs of the Confederacy. Although this flag never became the official flag it is one that represents the high spirits of Secession. I designed the confederate quilt with this flag in mind.

Shortly after the Civil War began the South adopted the Stars and Bars Flag. This flag had three horizontal bars, two red and one white. The upper left had a blue square with a circle of stars, one for each state that seceded. In the quilt pattern I used red and white bars to represent this flag.

Cutting Instructions the 10 Inch Blocks

The cutting instructions for the nine patch blocks that surround the center. You will have to decide how many of these you need to make depending on how large you want to make your quilt.

instructions for cutting the 9 patch blocks

The cutting instructions for the bars.

instructions for cutting the bars blocks

The PDF for the Confederate appliqued star template is here. Be sure to set the page scaling at "none" before you print so the star will come out the right size. Cut the background about 12 inches and applique the star to the middle. Then trim to 10 1/2 inches.

The cutting and sewing instructions for the Variable Star block.

instructions for cutting the Variable Star blocks

instructions for sewing the Variable Star blocks

2008 Judy Anne Breneman

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