Road to Damascus Quilt Pattern: A Bible Block

"As Paul journeyed, he came to Damascus and suddenly there shown around him a light from Heaven and he fell to earth and heard a voice." Acts 9: 1-9

Road to Damascus block

Words From Charlotte Bull

Being struck blind, conviction came to Paul as he proceeded to Syria. Do we need such a sudden act before we learn to follow the Lord?

This powerful thought has resulted in a most unusual and rare block design. Known only by this one name, it is found in only two sources in recent times. We might guess that is was designed by one wanting to add a New Testament block to a Bible Quilt.

The big dark triangles march across a quilt in a very graphic way. But watch for the grain lines.

12" block patterns for templates & rotary cutting

Quilting experience is assumed for this New Testament block as there are no specific directions. I suggest you use the templates if you are making a sampler quilt. If you are making a full quilt with this pattern you can use the rotary cutting PDF as a guide but some are not complete.

If you are new to quilting I recommend the Old Testament blocks.



2010 Judy Anne Breneman and Charlotte Bull