Job's Tears Bible Quilt Block Pattern

Job's Tears Bible quilt block

This entire book of poetry is a study of the universal theme of "why do good people suffer?"    The Book of Job

Quilt Block Information From Charlotte Bull

The 4 points can represent his tears but can also be considered to show the breadth of his wealth and possessions. The intersecting lines for a cross with Job at the center in juxtaposition to his fragmented life. A simple block for such a powerful book.

There are 3 variations and two other names, although one is called Job's Troubles. Interestingly enough, the other is King David's Crown.

Job's Tears 12" Block Pattern Instructions

Our third block is Job's Tears. As I explained with the first block I am using templates so you can cut the pieces out the old fashioned way. Since we are only doing one block of each pattern I found it works fine to cut out the paper templates and draw around them. If you are making more blocks you will want to make plastic templates. The blocks can be either machine or hand stitched.

Using the PDF to Get Your Templates

The pattern for the Job's Tears block templates is on the Job's Tears Templates PDF.

grain on templatesThese templates include the � inch seam allowance if you cut along the outside dotted edge.

The graphics to the left show how the templates should be cut based on the grain of the fabric. For those of you just beginning to quilt the arrows should be in the same direction as the threads in the weave. For our purposes you can use either the horizontal or vertical thread direction for your grain.

The goal is to be sure any time you have to sew a bias (diagonal to the grain) edge it be sewn to an edge that is on grain. The grain edge stabilizes the stretchy bias edge. It's not always possible but when I can I like to put the fabric with the bias edge on the bottom. It seems to stretch more if it is on the top

When possible I like to press the seams toward the darker fabric. However in the case of the section shown in step 2 I found it was best to iron the seams away from the teardrop diamond shape even though it meant ironing toward the light side. In that case just be sure none of your dark seam is showing on the front of the block. If it does just trim it a bit.

Arrange your pieces before sewing to prevent sewing the wrong edges together. Job's Tears pattern step 1 Start sewing where I've drawn a red line. Be careful your stitching starts in the V exactly 1/4 inches from the edge. Job's Tears pattern step 2

Step 1
Sew the upper triangle to the teardrop diamond for each square.
Job's Tears pattern step 1 Step 2
Sew the lower triangle to the other side of the teardrop diamond to finish each section.
Job's Tears pattern step 2

Job's Tears pattern step 3
Step 3
Sew a rectangle piece of sashing
to one completed section.
Job's Tears pattern step 4
Step 4
Sew another completed section
to the opposite side of the sashing.

Job's Tears pattern step 5
Step 5
Sew a rectangle piece of sashing to each
side of the small central square.

Job's Tears pattern step 6 Job's Tears pattern step 7
Step 6
Attach center sashing
and top section.
Step 7
Attach center sashing and
bottom section. Press.

� 2007 Judy Anne Breneman and Charlotte Bull

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