Jacob's Ladder Bible Quilt Block Pattern

Jacob's Ladder Bible quilt block

"And he dreamed and behold a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached the heavens and behold the angels of God were ascending and descending on it."
Genesis 28:11-22

Quilt Block Information From Charlotte Bull

Even if we sleep on stones we may dream dreams that will come true!

This popular early pattern has at least 7 other names such as Road to California or Stepping Stones. There are over a dozen variations in number of colors and values or sizes. The oldest version is done in only two colors.

Jacob's Ladder 12" Block Instructions

Our fourth block is Jacob's Ladder. As I explained with the first block I am using templates so you can cut the pieces out the old fashioned way. Since we are only doing one block of each pattern I found it works fine to cut out the paper templates and draw around them. If you are making more blocks you will want to make plastic templates. The blocks can be either machine or hand stitched.

Using the PDF to Get Your Templates

The pattern for the Jacob's Ladder block templates is on the Jacob's Ladder Bible Templates PDF.

grain on templatesThese templates include the � inch seam allowance if you cut along the outside dotted edge.

The graphics to the left show how the templates should be cut based on the grain of the fabric. For those of you just beginning to quilt the arrows should be in the same direction as the threads in the weave. For our purposes you can use either the horizontal or vertical thread direction for your grain.

When you get to step 3 be very careful when you sew the two triangles together. You will be sewing two bias edges together and they will stretch easily.

Rotary Cutting Instructions

Use the block picture
to the right to help
you decide the number
of pieces you will cut
in your chosen fabrics.
block example

template cutting measurements

Sewing the Block Together

Press between each step shown below pressing toward the darker fabric when possible.

Step 1
Sew the ten pairs of blocks together Check the colors carefully based on your fabric plan.
Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 1 Step 2
Sew together each set of two blocks. You will have 5 completed sets of 4 blocks.
Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 2

Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 3 Step 3
Sew each set of two rectangles
together making 4 squares.

Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 4
Step 4
Sew two sets of three blocks
as shown above.
Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 5
Step 5
Sew one set of three blocks
as shown above.

Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 6 Jacob's Ladder Bible pattern step 7
Step 6
Sew together the
top 2 rows of 3.
Step 7
Add the bottom row of 3.
Press the finished block.

� 2007 Judy Anne Breneman and Charlotte Bull

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