Joseph's Coat Bible Quilt Block Pattern

Joseph's Coat Bible quilt block

"Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age and he made him a coat of many colors."    Genesis 37:3

Quilt Block Information From Charlotte Bull

This is a beloved scrapbag pattern. Indeed another name for it is Scrapbag. But under it's best known name it still has 11 variations on value placement and number of colors used. Some versions have a larger central square on point instead of the smaller square and 4 triangles. So you can feel really free to play with color in this pattern.

Joseph's Coat 12" Block Pattern Instructions

Our bonus block is Joseph's Coat. It is a more difficult pattern but if you cut and sew carefully it will come out fine. I used rotary cutting to cut out this pattern. If you choose to use templates you will probably want to cut out plastic ones as each template is used several times.

Using the PDF to Get Your Cutting Instructions

The instructions for rotary cut this block is on this Joseph's Coat Block Rotary Instructions PDF.

Rotary cutting may be easier with so many small pieces but if you prefer using templates go to this Joseph's Coat Template PDF.

Sewing the Block Together

Triangles are what makes this a more difficult block. When sewing a triangle to a square just be sure the corners are equal like in the picture to the left.

Step 1
Sew triangles to two opposing sides then press.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 1 Step 2
Next put the last two triangles on and press, You now have a square in a square.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 2

Sometimes after sewing so many triangles the edges are a wee bit less than perfect. At least that's the way it works for me. Before you start ripping out check to see if you can get enough in the seam to hold the fabric. The example to the left shows how you can adjust in situations like this.

Step 3
Again sew opposing triangles on.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 3 Step 4
Then add the other two triangles and you have created a square in a square in a square.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 4

     It's really easy to get the patches all mixed up in this next part so set them out like I did in the photo to the left.
     I always sew from the two squared ends. It's very difficult to get it right sewing from the tip of a triangle
     If you have to ease a little fabric in on one side put that side on the bottom as the feed dogs help with the easing.

Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 5
Step 5
Sew the three middle patches together first.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 6
Step 6
Then sew together the two patches for each end..

Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 7
Step 7
Sew these together and each of your 4 central rows will be done.

Here is where the fun begins! If you are at all tired or stressed at this point walk away from your sewing machine and finish this block when you are rested. It will go much better then. The trick is to get all the corners of the squares to meet perfectly (well pretty much perfectly anyway). The picture to the left shows how I find where the corners will match. Then I pinch the seam together and do a few basting stitches. Next I check to see if I got it right and the two corners come together. If not I pull the basting out and try again.

Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 8
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 8
Step 8
Sew these rows to each side of the plain square. You now have your horizontal center done.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 9
Step 9
Next is that challenging task of sewing the point of squares together. This will complete the top and bottom horizontal section.

2007 Judy Anne Breneman and Charlotte Bull

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Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 10
Step 10
Sew the last three sections of the block together. This will take some time and patience for most of us.
Joseph's Coat Bible pattern step 11