Free Pattern for a Road to California Quilt

"Ho for California
That's the land for me.
I'm off to Sacramento
With a dishpan on my knee." 1
A verse sung to "Oh, Suzanna" during the gold rush.

About This Verson of a Road to California Quilt

Be sure to look at The Road to California History page for background on this quilt. You will find this pattern is just one of many ways to make a Road to California quilt.

Road to California on point

I like this version because it puts a star at each intersection and the way the triangles are turned gives the pattern a lacy look. You might want to try your own variations on the way you turn the triangles.

I chose to put my blocks on point but you may decide to put the blocks in straight rows like the illustration below.

I find with piecing triangles different people's triangles do come out slightly different sizes. That's because everyone's 1/4 inch seam is slightly different. Because of this it's wise to make up just one block before you cut for the whole quilt, especially on a pattern with so many small triangles.

You may find you need to adjust your seams or cutting measurements slightly. For example if you find your triangle section is off a little you can adjust the sizes of the central and outer squares to fit.

Road to California pattern

Cutting the Fabric

The printable rotary cutting instructions to make 10 inch blocks can be found in the following PDF. PDF for rotary cutting the Road to California block.

If you choose to make the quilt on point you will find the PDF with the triangle corner block cutting instructions here. You DO NOT cut or use the pink section.

If you want to make this quilt the old fashioned way with cut out templates go to templates for the Road to California block. If the seam allowance doesn't print add it to the templates.

Steps for making the Road to California Block
make 4

make 8
make 1

make 2

2007 Judy Anne Breneman

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1 p23, "Ho for California!: Pioneer Women and Their Quilts ", by Jean Ray Laury