Possible Layouts for the Old Testament Bible Blocks

Here are some ways you could lay out your Bible Quilt.
horizontal block no sashing horizontal block with sashing
Horizontal layouts are much quicker and easier. Try both sashing and no sashing to see which you prefer.

on point no sashing on point with sashing
For information on making a quilt on point go to Quilt Bug: Piecing a Quilt on Point on cutting the filler triangles and assembling the quilt.

Since quilters will be using different patterns and layouts and even different block sizes it's impossible to estimate fabric yardage for all possibilities. But here is the fabric information for the quilt I am making. Perhaps it will help you estimate what you might need. My quilt measures 58 by 58 inches and uses 12 inch blocks.
Judy's quilt
yardage for Judy's quilt

2007 Judy Anne Breneman and Charlotte Bull

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